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Practical Reasons

ADHD is not covered by health insurance companies similarly to other medical conditions that require daily, ongoing therapy.

Insurance companies cover diagnosis and procedure codes. They do not cover the needs of my patients.

Contracts between insurance companies and doctors are drawn up by the company's lawyers. No changes are made at the request of the doctor. These contracts describe the obligations the doctor has toward the insurance company.  

Insurance companies state in these contracts that they can change the requirements for the doctor to get paid by sending an announcement that they are going to do so. 

The doctor's only option is to withdraw from the plan if the changes are unacceptable.  

Philosophical Reasons

Insurance companies are huge FOR-PROFIT companies. Their goal is to make money for their share holders.

Patients' good health and quality of life do not add to the profits of the shareholders.

A person's insurance plan will pay the amount it decides only for the interventions it allows only for the diagnosis code it demands.

It is the patient who knows the condition that he or she wants to treat.  

It is the doctor who knows what interventions can affect that condition.

It is the patient who knows the value of treating their condition. ("Value" means how much the patient is willing to do and pay.)

The doctor knows the cost of the different treatments -- both in dollars and in effort.

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