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About Dr. Kacir

After receiving a medical degree from Albert Einstein College of Medicine (The Bronx, NY) in 1989, she trained in General Pediatrics at UCDavis (Sacramento, CA) for her internship year and completed a residency in Austin,TX at Brackenridge Hospital before the Dell Children's Hospital was founded. Dr. Kacir worked with the late Dr. Susan Skrovan as a small-town pediatrician from 1993-2001.  

Dr. Byron Kocen, a nationally renowned specialist in ADHD, recruited Dr. Kacir to leave general pediatrics and join him in that specialty. They founded The ADHD Place in June of 2007 and worked together until his death in November of 2008.

Dr. Kacir has found that ADHD treatment is most effective when a team approach is used. This team must include both patient and physician as active participants with clear, honest communication. Pharmacists, other physicians and family members may also be members of the team. 

It is very important to maintain the privacy and exclusivity of the therapeutic team. In order to do this, Dr. Kacir does not employ a staff and handles all clinic functions personally. She is happy to work with family physicians to coordinate care, but does not require referrals. If clients opt to use medications, they should inform their regular doctors, but communication between them and Dr. Kacir is at the patient's discretion.


11615 Angus Rd

Suite 104-S

Austin, TX 78759


Mon - Wed: 11AM - 5PM

Thurs: 11AM - 1PM

Fri: 1PM - 3PM

Sat: Closed

Sun: Closed

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