A Focused Mind - Don't be boxed in by inattention!
Optimize your performance in every activity!
Have you ever thought you or someone you love might have ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder)?  Do you feel as if focusing well is more difficult than it should be?   ADHD symptoms can affect performance even when you don't feel "disordered."  These symptoms manifest as a difference in the way attention is prioritized.  Thus, someone with ADHD symptoms may only have difficulties in performing tasks THEY find tedious or unimportant.  Problems arise when people around them (like bosses, spouses, friends and relatives) disagree about which tasks are most worthwhile!  A Focused Mind can help solve the problems caused by ADHD.
A Focused Mind offers:
  • clear explanations of the way human brains pay attention
  • medical expertise about diagnosing and treating ADHD
  • prescriptions for the most effective medicines to optimize attention
  • professional physician consultation tailored to each patient's needs and desires
  • full evaluation of ADHD
  • discussion of alternatives to medication if desired by clients
  • monthly meetings for ADHD coaching if desired (with or without medications)
A Focused Mind is the ADHD specialty practice of Dr. Lauren Buxbaum Kacir, MD, the premier ADHD physician specialist in central Texas.
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