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ADHD Evaluation: Not just for kids any more.

Dr. Lauren B. Kacir is the physician-proprietor of A Focused Mind, an ADHD Specialty Clinic. She is a board-certified pediatrician who has brought thoughtful diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment to patients of all ages.  

ADHD Medications: Not just Ritalin any more

Dr. Kacir has been prescribing medications since the last millennium. She learned about prescribing Adderall when it was first approved by the FDA in 1996. She has also followed the development of the myriad additional therapies over the following decades.  

ADHD Therapy: Never just a bottle of pills

Medications alone will not treat all the impairments resulting from ADHD. Dr. Kacir and her patients combine medication, behavior change, and environmental modification into success and productivity. While improvements often occur without medication or a different environment, behavior change is a necessity. Dr. Kacir's favorite role is that of coach to ADHD players in the game of life.

A Focused Mind offers:

  • clear explanations of the way human brains pay attention
  • medical expertise about diagnosing and treating ADHD
  • professional physician consultation tailored to each patient's needs and desires
  • full evaluation of ADHD
  • discussion of alternatives to medication if desired by clients
  • monthly meetings for ADHD coaching if desired (with or without medications)

A Focused Mind is the ADHD specialty practice of Dr. Lauren Buxbaum Kacir, MD, the premier ADHD physician-specialist in central Texas.

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